10 Things to Organise In Your Home This Autumn

The start of Autumn is the perfect time to take a moment to restore your home and your mindset before the busy festive period arrives. To help you get started, here are 10 things you can declutter and organise in your home this Autumn.

The start of Autumn is the perfect time to take a moment to restore your home and your mindset before the busy festive period arrives. To help you get started, here are 10 things you can declutter and organise in your home this Autumn.


1. Organise Your Clothes & Accessories

It’s time to put away the summer hats and sandals to make room for your Autumn accessories! You can use Storage Boxes to organise your home and cut down on clutter in your bedroom and hallway. Make room in your wardrobe for your jumpers, jackets and coats by putting your summer clothes into boxes or drawers. Utilise space such as under your bed or the tops of wardrobes.


declutter dressing table

2. Declutter Your Dressing Table

Make it a habit to declutter your dresser every few months to prevent a build-up. Just like with your clothes, make space for your Autumn skin care, cosmetics and jewellery. Create a nice, clean space by using a Makeup Organiser to store and organise your makeup. This can be helpful when you’re getting ready in those darker mornings, as everything will be in its place! Make sure you check use-by dates and discard unwanted cosmetics. The same goes for your jewellery! It’s a good time to clear out any pieces that yo don’t wear and ensure your favourites are stored in your jewellery box or stand.



3. Freshen Up Your Home Décor

A great way to re-organise your home is to start a fresh this with your home décor. Create a cosy corner with candles and Autumnal décor, whilst removing the older pieces you no longer want or need. Perhaps try to upcycle them, donate them, or sell them! There are plenty of ways to create beautiful yet functional and organised spaces in each room. Make the most of shelves and tables for storage space.

4. Remove Clutter From Your Hallway

If you have a busy household, these high-traffic areas can become a bit of a clutter-trap. Make room for muddy boots and raincoats, so start by clearing away any summer-specific clutter. Try out a dedicated ‘dump’ space where everyone is allowed to leave shoes, school and work bags as they come and go. Tidy up your console table with a catchall or basket for keys, cash and all the little bits and pieces that tend to get lost.


tidy cables

5. Tidy Your Home Office

It may have been a long few months of working from home for you and in that time we can accumulate a lot of clutter on a desk. Go through and file your paperwork or shred anything that’s not needed. If you’re a bit of a tech-junkie you may be living in cable chaos! That can easily be sorted with a cable tidy bag which can be stored in your desk drawer or your work bag.

6. Re-Order Your Kitchen

Your kitchen may be a hub for your household, which inevitably leads to clutter! You’ll probably be staying home a little more during the Autumn and cooking up some wholesome wintery dishes, so have a good declutter will ensure you have plenty of space for home cooking. Start by going through cupboards, checking for any food that may need to be thrown away or used up. Take a step back and make sure the way your kitchen is organised is working for you, if it isn’t – switch it up!


7. Bring Order To Your Bathroom

It’s always nice to unwind of an evening with a hot shower or bath, but it’s important that your bathroom space reflects a relaxing environment! Declutter and organise any empty bottles and refill anything that’s running out. Make room for some candles or diffusers to create a calming space. If you’re low on surface space, then a hanging washbag can hold some of your excess toiletries.

8. Clear Out Your Garden & Garage

Your garden and garage may have seen better days, after the Summer months of constant use it’s probably time for a tidy-up! Get your garden prepped for colder months by taking care of any furniture that needs to be covered. Find a permanent space for any loitering toys or garden tools that need a home for the winter.


tidy kids bedrom

9. Sort Through The Children’s Room & Toys

More easily said than done, but having a toy clear-out before Christmas can be a really good idea to avoid bursting toy boxes! It’s a great time to think about donating anything that your child(ren) has grown out of or no longer want, as there are plenty of ways to get these to children in need of toys. One way to do this is to create 3 separate piles: set up a toy storage box for those that you want to keep, a box for donating and lastly a bag for any broken toys that need to be binned. If their bedroom is becoming too busy, make sure you utilise wardrobe and wall space with storage pockets to keep floor space free!


10. Re-Organise Your Handbag or Day Bag

While you organise your home, take the opportunity of a new season to go through your handbag or day bag, this may be a good time to switch to a different one! Get rid of any old receipts and debris to head into the season with a newly organised bag. You’re likely to stockpile into your everyday bag during the colder months with hats, gloves, hand creams (the list goes on), so ensure you have a backpack or handbag that gives your plenty of organised storage compartments for easy access to your essentials.

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