How To Increase Your Motivation: 5 Ways to Feel More Motivated

A lack of motivation can be our biggest obstacle when it comes to completing daily tasks like organising your home, exercising, and getting work done. Give these strategies a try to help you feel more motivated!

A lack of motivation can be our biggest obstacle when it comes to completing daily tasks like organising your home, exercising, and getting work done. It can also prevent us from reaching bigger goals e.g. a fitness or career goal. If you find yourself struggling in this area, give these strategies a try to help you feel more motivated. Bear in mind that everyone is different, so try a few different tactics to figure out what works best for you!

If a lack of motivation starts to become a problem in your everyday life and prevents you from doing your day-to-day tasks, you should seek professional advice.


Set achievable goals

A key strategy to help you feel more motivated is to ensure the task you set for yourself is achievable and ensure you know what you’re aiming for. Your end goal should be measurable, e.g. I want to achieve ‘x’ in ‘x’ amount of time. Having this timeline in place will help you to stay on track and be realistic about how quickly you can get to your goal.

Tip: Create a vision board give yourself a clear image of what your end goal and the smaller elements that will help you get there. You can add goal dates to this and pin it up where you’ll see it every day.


Break bigger tasks down

A goal that feels too big can be overwhelming and you may struggle to even get started. Try to break up a big goal or task into smaller, more manageable pieces. This way you can start building towards your end goal without feeling it’s impossible. Make sure these smaller tasks and goals fit within your overall timeline.

Tip: Try the 10-minute rule. This is when you set yourself 10 minutes to work on your goal, then after 10 minutes you can decide to continue or not. This is perfect for just getting yourself started, usually most people decide to keep going!


Reward yourself

After you’ve broken down your goal, make sure you’re rewarding yourself for every achievement that you make as you go! Knowing that you’ve got a little break or reward coming can be extremely motivating. As you plan out your steps to achieving your goal, make a note of what rewards you can have to celebrate the small wins. This also helps to ensure that the task doesn’t consume you and ensures you strike a healthy balance between working and pleasure.

Tip: Rewards can be anything from a day off, your favourite food, watching your favourite TV show or seeing friends.


Find inspiration

Inspiration can be a huge motivator to get you started on a task! Think of the places you can find ideas, whether this is on social media, a physical place or person. For instance, if your goal is to organise your home, look on Pinterest at organised homes to help you visualise what you could achieve and ideas on how to accomplish it. There may also be blogs, autobiographies or podcasts related to your goal which will be full of advice and provide you with plenty of inspiration. Take a little time to research and follow other people’s experiences if they are relevant to you.

Tip: Stepping out of your usual routine and exploring outside can be great for renewing motivation and you may also come across a new spot that inspires you!


Create a motivating environment

This applies to your physical environment as well as the people you surround yourself with. The right support network can be helpful to keep you going and share any issues you may be having. You can find support through friends and family, alternatively you may be able to find online communities who are working towards similar goals to you. Just talking through your experience or struggles may help you to lift some of the barriers you’re feeling. When it comes to your physical environment, you’ll want to keep this free of distractions and create a positive, inspirational space. Wherever you’re spending time on a task, it’s important to get this right to get you in the mindset to focus on your goal.

Tip: A key aspect of feeling more motivated is to make sure you’re getting enough quality sleep. So, your bedroom should be a calm and relaxing space, free of clutter.


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